You can't fix problems you have not yet identified.

We conduct comprehensive evaluations and audits of real estate projects, from initial planning and design to construction, pre-sales and finalization.

Auditing & Diagnosis

Uncover potential risks

By identifying and mitigating risks early on, we help safeguard your investments and promote the long-term sustainability of your projects.

Gain competitive advantage

With our market analysis you'll be able to identify trends and niche markets, gauge demand, and remain one step ahead of the competition.

Lower operational costs

We help enhance project efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and reduce overall costs while adhering to the best industry standards.

Auditing and diagnostic AT EACH STAGE

Efficiency and realistic forecasts

Making informed decisions at every stage of your project's lifecycle can mean the difference between a profitable masterpiece and an underperforming venture. Our auditing team are experienced developers, architects and real estate marketers. At each stage, we address the unique challenges faced by real estate developers, catering to projects of all sizes and complexities.


Anticipate and act

We review the project in the planning phase to identify potential flaws, correct inaccurate or over-optimistic forecasts and define strategies to mitigate risks.


Cut your losses

The biggest losses occur during the construction stage. The lack of expert supervision, of qualified personnel on site, and of well defined processes, result in losses and low profitability. We audit contractors, help with recruitment and training, and analyze the areas that need to be restructured within your construction team.


Listen to your market

Many real estate developments fail to meet sales targets due to ineffective marketing tactics and poor execution. Most importantly, our data-driven market studies will help you define your brand strategy, identify untapped market niches and promote your project efficiently.


Promote flawless processes

Efficiency means reproducible and well documented, proven processes that all your staff are well trained to implement as best practices. We help you steer in the direction of efficiency and standards compliance.

We help you find ways to lead your business ahead.

Experience that pays off in concrete results for our clients.


Funding success rate

When we deliver a project to investment funds or financing institutions, they know that the development has gone through a thorough risk analysis that reduces review time. This allows you to obtain faster and safer financing.

Years of experience

We're a company created by developers with experience in retail, vertical and horizontal housing, hospitality, and energy. Our practical knowledge will help you and your team develop sustainable and profitable projects.

Projects evaluated

Since 2019, we have evaluated the risks and detected the most vulnerable areas of over 400 projects in more than 35 cities and 4 different countries. The results have helped developers take corrective action to improve the projects and increase profitability.

Average Cost Reduction Rate

For more than 6 years we have audited developments and construction companies, detecting diversion of resources, fraud, and embezzlement by internal and external contractors. It is a difficult but necessary task to finish the projects in a timely manner.
Auditing & Diagnosis

Is your real estate project

fit for funding?

Only 15% of real estate projects are approved for funding by financial institutions. Find out how to assess the risk criteria that your project will be assessed to get financed.