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The risk assessment report that can get your project funded

Are you a real estate developer who is struggling to find investors and get projects funded? Do you feel that you do not have sufficient detailed visibility about the financial, operational and commercial risks involved in your real estate project?

You're only one click away from you wisest business investment.

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How ARES works



The online questionnaire takes only 15 min to fill-in and covers 7 key business areas.


talk to our RISK analyst

Our risk analyst will review the answers with you and collect data on the project.


Get your assessment report

Receive your confidential ARES Risk Assessment Report within 4 weeks.

Generate Trust Confidence and Visibility

The ARES Risk Assessment Report and Risk Evaluation Score are trusted by Mexican real estate developers, financial institutions, private wealth fund managers and investors who need systematic means to evaluate financial and operational risks thoroughly before funding real estate projects.

Data driven assessment of over 100 criteria
Trusted by Mexican Banks and investors
Highly comprehensive
Investor-ready format

Once you have entered the details of your project into the ARES online questionnaire, we'll generate the initial a Risk Score report within 48 hours after the call with our risk analyst.

Once the Risk Score is calculated, our Risk Analyst will call you to perform additional checks, ask for complementary documents, further refine the evaluation and clarify any unclear question. When we're satisfied that the data on your project is as accurate as possible, you will receive your confidential ARES report by email within 4 weeks.

Risk Score complied within 48 hours
Your report within 4 weeks
Fully confidential
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The ARES Risk Diagnostic has been created for developers, by developers. The proprietary algorithm has been developed over several years by our team of real estate developers, risk assessment consultants and financial analysts, who have analyzed over 450 real estate projects in Mexico.

The ARES Risk Score has been evaluated by investors and has proven valuable for financial institutions who approve project fundings.

Created by developers
Proprietary algorithm
Vouched by investors
Based on 450 projects

ARES Pricing

A one-time fee, a wealth of business insights.

  • Proprietary risk assessment algorithm based on data from over 450 real estate projects.
  • 102 risk criteria evaluated in 7 business areas summarized graphically in a Risk Evaluation Score.
  • One hour phone interview with our risk analyst for evaluating and completing the answers.
  • The ARES Diagnostic Report (available in Spanish or English) includes a market overview, a detailed risk evaluation, a complete financial analysis with actionable recommendations, including how to apply for funding with financial institutions.
  • The report is delivered within 4 weeks following the interview and the review of the documents provided for the project.
 47,900 MXN
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Why should I have a full diagnostic of my project?

The ARES risk score gives you a global risk score as well as a breakdown of the estimated risk for each business category we analyze in the questionnaire. In the full report we perform a complete diagnosis of the legal, financial, commercial and technical risks of the project, and in the detailed report we investigate the context, analyze the most vulnerable areas of the business and propose solutions to mitigate risk, taking into consideration what most financial institutions prioritize.

How long does it take to have a full diagnostic report?

After you have filled-in the ARES questionnaire and answered the questions during the interview with our risk analyst, we ask you to share a number of documents related to the project. Once all the information is gathered we deliver the ARES Full Diagnostic Report within four weeks.

Is the full diagnostic report useful for banks and investors?

Yes, most definitely. The real estate investors and financial institutions we interviewed complain about the lack of granular analysis of risk and lack of transparency that most developers show when applying for funding. Having a risk score evaluation demonstrate transparency and instills trust with investors. Investors often ask for a more detailed risk analysis to approve your project.

Above what risk score level is funding unlikely to be approved?

According to the financial institutions, VC firms and real estate investors interviewed, projects that have a risk score above 65% have a low chance of obtaining funding.

How is the ARES risk score calculated?

ARES uses a proprietary algorithm developed by Archetika over a four year period and after analyzing over 450 real estate projects and 50,000 answers from developers who submitted questionnaires about their projects. The algorithm uses weighting factors such as experience of the company and the team, and the stage the project at the time of the evaluation.

On average, what percentage of projects are approved for funding

We interviewed several major financial institutions, VC firms and real estate investors, and on average, only 15% to 20% of projects that apply for funding are approved. The main criteria for reaching a decision are risk related.

Can the answers to the questionnaire be modified later?

Yes, they can be edited by our risk analyst during the interview process. The interview allows to refine the answers or clarify any question. We will edit your answers before submitting them to the algorithm for the computation of the risk score.

Still have questions?

If your question is not answered in this FAQ list, please drop us a line using our contact form and we will send you an answer within 24 hours by email.