Learn about new business models and growing trends

We invite prominent guest speakers, consultants and trainers from all areas of the real estate industry to lecture and teach about the most innovative proven techniques for real estate entrepreneurs in real case studies.

Learn business structuring and strategic planning.

Learn from the extensive experience of our speakers and trainers, their success and failures, and the state-of-the-art business development strategies that have been successfully applied in real estate projects all over Latin America.

Grow your network with other real estate professionals.

Our interactive group sessions and discussion panels will allow to meet and exchange with dozens of experienced professionals who can help you expand your personal network and share experience and knowledge.

In-Person Bootcamps

Master's level lectures given by professionals specialized in each area of real estate development, with discussion panels, case studies and guest speakers from the real estate industry.

Online Masterclass Sessions

Get FREE access to over 6 hours of Masterclass video lectures on capital raising, risk analysis, corporate structure, business model, and more from our latest Real Estate Developer Bootcamps.

Online Training Courses

Coming soon, the first online MBA program for real estate developers, with master-level interactive course on-demand in all aspects of business development.

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