Manage the risks, overcome the hurdles.

Avoid optimistic forecasts and unnecessary losses by getting your project assessed and measured for risk in the areas where you have less expertise and experience.

Risk scoring and analysis

Confident Decision-Making

Armed with data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions, reducing uncertainties and increasing the likelihood of project success.

Attracting Investors

Demonstrating a thorough understanding of potential risks enhances your credibility and instills confidence in investors and lenders.

Optimized Project Planning

Our risk assessment helps identify weak points in your plan, enabling you to optimize and strengthen your project before implementation.


Make informed decisions

Real estate development is inherently riddled with uncertainties, encompassing financial, market, environmental, and regulatory risks. While it is impossible to eliminate all risks, understanding and mitigating them at each stage of your project's life is essential to safeguard your investments and optimize project outcomes.


Due diligence

Legal certainty, technical, financial, fiscal and commercial feasibility are the most important points to address when acquiring land or property for development. Before buying, we help you to thoroughly analyze the pros and cons and feasibility of the purchase.


Identifying the hurdles

Once the property has been acquired, it is essential to know all the necessary steps needed to set up the real estate business, analyze the most vulnerable areas and understand each process that must be followed to achieve the profitability that investors are expecting.


Preventing losses

The biggest losses for developers occurs during the construction stage. The lack of expert supervision, of qualified personnel on site, and of well defined processes, result in losses and low profitability. We help you audit and analyze the areas that need to be restructured within your construction team.


Knowing your market

In about 57% of the projects that are built, developers do not know their niche market, or do not have a defined brand strategy. As early as possible in the project we help developers detect the marketing flaws and weaknesses and take corrective actions.


Timely follow-up

A commercial success does not always mean a successful business. A large proportion of projects lose sight of the administrative closure and fail to make a good transition from unit delivery to unit management. With timely follow-up, the performance that was projected from the beginning can be achieved.


Ensuring equity growth

When real estate projects are developed for equity growth, you must ensure that over time they achieve the return on investment expected by the initial investors. We help developers secure a profitable disposition deal in the critical negotiation phase.

The climb is hard but the results are worth it.

Experience that pays off in concrete results for our clients.


Funding success rate

When we deliver a project to investment funds or financing institutions, they know that the development has gone through a thorough risk analysis that reduces review time. This allows you to obtain faster and safer financing.

Years of experience

We're a company created by developers with experience in retail, vertical and horizontal housing, hospitality, and energy. Our practical knowledge will help you and your team develop sustainable and profitable projects.

Projects evaluated

Since 2019, we have evaluated the risks and detected the most vulnerable areas of over 400 projects in more than 35 cities and 4 different countries. The results have helped developers take corrective action to improve the projects and increase profitability.

Average Cost Reduction

For more than 6 years we have audited developments and construction companies, detecting diversion of resources, fraud, and embezzlement by internal and external contractors. It is a difficult but necessary task to finish the projects in a timely manner.

Is your real estate project

fit for funding?

Less than 20% of real estate projects are approved for funding by investors. Find out how to assess the risk criteria that your project will be assessed on for financing.