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redAHEAD solutions are cloud-based, professional software tools focused on high productivity, and are the result of more than 23 years of experience in developing high-end real estate projects in retail, commercial and hospitality markets.


resource planning

resource planning

redAHEAD Development

As an ERP redAHEAD Development is a complete, cloud-based software platform that lets you efficiently and securely manage all the core business processes needed to run a real estate development company: finance, accounting, HR, construction processes, supply chain, services, procurement, with real time analytics, task management and reporting. The software allows you to balance service delivery commitments with financial health and provides the ability to stay on schedule while managing project profitability, resource utilization, revenue recognition, recurring revenue objectives, and growth opportunities.

redAHEAD, software solutions for real estate developers

Title transactions

Title transactions

redAHEAD Legal

redAHEAD Legal is a cloud-based software solution for real estate attorneys, legal departments, real estate agents and brokers. It provides an automated workflow that produces and sends all the standard legal documents required for the closing of property title transactions, and it speeds up by 60% the title  transaction process, thus cutting down costs, reducing human errors and making the entire process safer, painless and more efficient for clients and professionals.

The solution produces purchase agreements, escrow agreement, with detailed instructions for the transaction process for each third party involved. The automated workflow allows automated generation and emailing of all the required legal documents to public notary, buyer, seller, commercial appraisal agent, legal representatives and attorneys.


market intelligence

Market intelligence

redAHEAD Data

Archetika has partnered with SOFTEC, a leading real estate company offering a wide range of market data analysis products that provide valuable and insightful information to help clients make informed and strategic decisions in the Mexican real estate market.

One of SOFTEC's flagship products is the Dinámica de Mercado Inmobiliario or "DIME", a comprehensive study that analyzes market behavior at the local, regional and national levels. This report is a tool for real estate developers, banks, brokers, investors and suppliers of the construction industry to evaluate trends, estimate the performance of their projects, manage sales budgets and find new clients, niches and opportunities.


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The redAHEAD suite of Cloud Software Solutions for Real Estate Developers will be available early 2024.

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